Youth Gardens in Central Europeunnamed

Date: 2014.02.03 – 2014.12.31

Duration: 10 Month

Location: Eger, Sighetu Marmatiei, Veľké Kapušany

Grant: 7670 Euro by European Comission – Youth In Action 1.2

Applicant: H-Union Szövetség (H-Union Assocation)

Partner organisation: Cognitio Nova n.o. (SK) Cultural Assocation Hollósy Simon (RO)

In the course of this youth initiative project young people of 3 different countries will partake in the implementation of a community based gardening. 14-30 young gardeners from Hungary, Slovakia and Romania will come together for the project which aims to bring awareness to the importance of gardening with the help of integrating and using other European examples. The set target of the project is to spread and popularise gardening and sustainable development in the community through young, creative entrepreneurs of the region.

The two main areas of involvement are going to be :

- to organise the community garden with the help of volunteers and encouraging other young people to get involved.

- to liaise with partner organisations and to organise and lead the online information service. By the end of the project three small communities from the Central European region will have mastered gardening and practical knowledge about sustainable development and will have increased the participants’ entrepreneurial ambitions.


The result:

- 3 different sustainable community garden with common object

1000 m² garden in Eger, HU,

500 m² garden in Sighetu Marmatiei, RO,

100 m² garden in Veľké Kapušany, SK.

- Involved young participant: 10 person per assocation

- Involved local people: 10-15 person per garden

- 3 cultural and meeting event (Eger, Sighetu Marmatiei, Veľké Kapušany)

- 1 issue in Hungarian language